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Scientists have developed a microchip: wireless control mouse movement nerve

This is definitely a scene from the future life: researchers developed a remote control mouse apparent cruising crawling LED chip, which is the use of light to achieve the animal brain motor nerve stimulation. Related papers published in "Nature Methods". It is understood that such a device for neurologists in light of genetics research in the field, it is a game changer. Since the chip size is very small, with implantable, and it does not require installation on a thick wire rat brain, so it can bring more "real" mouse daily behavior as researchers observe. Today, light genetics researchers still rely fiber optic wire and stimulate the rat brain. This obviously limits the researchers observed mice to normal activities, such as burrowing. More importantly, the scientists gave the mice at the time of installation of the wire will bring some pressure to the mouse, which will affect the results.

It is reported that the chip weighs only 20-50 mg, it will not affect small mouse skills, and it is also implanted in the spine and limbs.

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