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US studies have shown that sleep less than 6 hours 4 times higher risk of suffering from colds more

Good sleep have a good health! US researchers recently in the US journal "Sleep" published research results once again proved this point: less than 6 hours of sleep per day, their risk of colds higher than 7 hours of sleep for more than four times more people.

University of California, San Francisco researchers surveyed 164 volunteers to understand their pressures, personality and smoking, drinking and so on. Subsequently, the researchers used sensors to track Wrist night sleep duration and quality of these volunteers, a total of one week duration. Ultimately, these volunteers were isolated in a hotel, by nasal drops contact with flu virus, and then observe a week.

Studies have shown that, compared with more than 7 hours of sleep every night, the risk of less than 6 hours of sleep per night suffering from flu will be higher than 4.2 times, less than five hours of sleep every night of colds risk will be higher than 4.5 times.

The researchers believe that the risk in predicting a person cold, the lack of sleep is a ratio of the age, stress, level of education, income level and whether smoking is more important factor. This finding should also be further explained to sleep, like diet and exercise, it is seen as a key pillar of public health.

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